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Starting Spring with Joy
Joy is a beautiful blend of oils with powerfully uplifting properties. Applied over the heart or other pulse points it helps overcome feelings of despair and grief, as well as inspire happiness and romance. It can also be used in a diffuser to bring high frequencies into your home, car or office. One of the ingredients is Rose, or Rosa damascena, which is a variety related to true roses all over the world. The oil has the highest electromagnetic frequency of any known substance - 320 MHz. It requires 3000-5000 pounds of organic rose petals to produce one pound of rose oil.*

Other ingredients include Bergamot, which is known to balance hormones and relieve tension and stress. Mandarin, which can combat insomnia and irritability. Ylang ylang, which restores confidence and equilibrium and balances male and female energies. Lemon is stimulating and energizing, promoting a deep sense of well-being. A 1995 Mie University study found that citrus fragrances boosted immunity, induced relaxation and reduced depression. Geranium stimulates the nervous system and helps release negative emotions. It is also well known for it's hormone balancing effects. Jasmine has been known and used by women for centuries as an exquisite and seductive fragrance. It is also beneficial for skin problems and anxiety. It requires 1000 pounds of jasmine petals, which must be collected at night for optimum essence, to produce a single pound of oil. Thus the cost is between $1200-$4500 per pound. Synthetic jasmine can be obtained for $3.50 a pound, but they don't contain the same therapeutic qualities as the pure oil. Palmarosa is stimulating and revitalizing to the nervous and cardiovascular systems. Roman Chamomile combats restlessness and insomnia and releases toxins from the liver where anger is stored. Lastly is Rosewood which is high in the compound linalool, which has relaxing, empowering effects. It is also great for skin elasticity.**

I have personal experience with the advantages of this blend and have seen wonderful results in myself and in many of my clients dealing with depression, tension or grief. New mothers and babies can especially benefit from the use of this blend. It is also loved by many as an all natural perfume. One thing to note is that all citrus oils will make your skin sensitive to sunlight, so I recommend applying where the sun will not directly reach your skin, or at night when you will have a good 12 hours or more before you will be exposed. If you do forget and have already applied your Joy, an all natural sun block should prevent a burn. Like anything you put on your skin, it can and will interact with any oils you apply, so I suggest careful selection of completely natural body products and cosmetics. As my teacher, Kathy Spohn, FCCI says..."If it's on your skin, it's goin' in!"

with JOY,

*Healing Oils of the Bible, by David Stewart,Ph.DZ
**Essential Oils Desk Reference, compiled by Essential Science Publishing

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