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applied vitaflexVita Flex, or Vitality through the Reflexes, is an ancient Tibetan form of reflexology. This technique uses digital pressure to activate neuro pathways, breaking up blockages and delivering benefits of essential oils to all parts of the body.

Vita Flex Session – $45
Half hour of deep relaxation through stimulation of the vitaflex points on the head and feet. Valor, Peace & Calming and Thieves essential oil blends are used.

Raindrop TechniqueRaindrop is a powerful, non-invasive tool integrating the art of aromatic science with the technique of Vitaflex and gentle applications of therapeutic grade oils on the feet and back.

The purpose of Raindrop Technique is to stimulate every organ, muscle and bone at a cellular level bringing the body into structural and electrical balance, enabling the release of toxins wherever they may be. This may include those lodged in the mind and emotions.

Raindrop Technique 1 hr – $80

Valor, Oregano, Thyme, Basil, Marjoram, Wintergreen, Cypress and Peppermint are applied to the head, feet and spine using Vita Flex techniques to support immune funcion, break up blockages in the body and mind and promote structural and energetic balance. Participants often experience a feeling of deep relaxation and well being!

Raindrop Technique 2hrs at RAVE SALON – $175
In your home or office – $225

Same as 1 hr but with personalized oils, more massage and energy work.
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Series of workshops with Kate Topliff

at: Rave Salon 3327 Noyac Road, Sag Harbor, NY 11963

March 18 - May 13 • Every other Wednesday from 6 - 8pm
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Health Care Classes With Essential Oils
Classes are available in the home, studio or office

Intro Class
What are essential oils? What's the difference between fatty oils and essential oils? How do they work in our bodies? What is therapeutic grade? What are the safety guidelines?

These questions and more will be addressed in this 2 hour class covering the basic uses of therapeutic grade essential oils. Designed to build a strong understanding of how and why oils work and how to use them in your everyday life, the three basic avenues of application will be discussed and all participants will get to smell and test a variety of must have Young Living essential oils. A basic list of uses for all oils introduced will be yours to take home. There will be testimonials from community members and time for Q & A.

Intensive Workshops

Vitality Through the Reflexes
Vita Flex 1 & 2
- split into two 4 hour workshops. Basic Vita flex techniques will be taught (see Vita Flex description above.) Charts and descriptions for practice at home will be provided. Attendants will get hands on experience giving and receiving each of the techniques which include addressing the respiratory, digestive and circulatory systems among others. New oils will be introduced and explored at each class with lists of uses to take home.

Raindrop Technique
Raindrop 1 & 2
- first class is a demo on one of the attendants and teaching about the purpose and function of Raindrop Technique with discussion on each oil used. The second class will be each participant giving and receiving Raindrop. (See Raindrop Technique description above.)

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